This video shows a collection of my most recent animated/VFX pieces (most are from work I have produced during my time as a VFX Generalist at Rock Paper Film: )

I recently worked on creating a lot of the VFX elements for the promotional film announcing the first ever BFX Festival. BFX is a brand new, Bournemouth, festival designed to celebrate and promote the visual effects and animation industry, inspire the next wave of talent and share the latest knowledge. More information about the festival can be found here:

Filmed entirely on location in my kitchen, this is my final project for the NCCA. Everything (except the actual filming) created by me. Sorry about my bad acting and dodgy accent! Bagged myself a BA (Hons) First Class.

Made with: Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, ZBrush, Crazybump, XNormal and filmed on a Canon 550D.

NCCA Major Project 2012 from Anthony Minto on Vimeo.

My 2nd Year Group Project. My Credits. Main Hero & Weapon: model/concept/texturing/uv mapping. Upstairs Environment: model/concept/texturing/uv mapping. Monster: early concept development. Camera Animation and motion capture. I also wrote the script for the project, created the storyboard artwork and directed. Oh, I also made the little skull in the opening shot too.

Made with: Maya, Nuke, Motionbuilder, Photoshop, ZBrush, Crazybump, XNormal. Rendered in Renderman.

LAST MAN STANDING: NCCA 2nd Year Group Project from Anthony Minto on Vimeo.

A Test shot for my Major project using the work in progress models at the time (filmed in my front room using a Canon 550D):

Short Two Shot Breakdown:

A short breakdown of two of the shots from my major NCCA project.

Made with: Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, ZBrush, XNormal, Crazybump, and filmed on a Canon 550D.

Two Shot Breakdown from Anthony Minto on Vimeo.

The assignment was to take a pre-rigged character (supplied by the NCCA) and animate it's emotion through body movement and camera work (no emphasis on facial or lip syncing).

Animated and rendered in Maya.

A Game environment masterclass set by Dave Fletcher (Senior Environment Artist at SONY Cambridge). The brief was to take a local landmark and turn it into a destroyed version of itself. I turned a local church into a fantasy ruin (I had been drinking lots of coffee and playing too much Skyrim during this time). I was chuffed to get a first for my efforts.

Made with: Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Crazybump, XNormal.

A 'Sneak' Walk Cycle using a rigged character provided by the NCCA:

Animated with Maya.

Head Animation and Skin Shading:

An animation of a head model made for my Major Project. Testing the animation capabilities and the skin shader and textures which I created for it.

Model made with Maya, ZBrush, XNormal and Photoshop. Animated and rendered in Maya.

Head Animation Blend Shapes Test:

The same head as above (without shaders or normal/displacement maps) testing some blendshapes I created for it.

Pirate Block Test:

Animating a character provided by the NCCA for a first year assignment.

Kitchen Green Screen Test:

Another little fun project at home. My first attempt at trying out green screen. Using a green blanket and a Canon HFR17 camcorder. I was amazed I got anything usable from this set-up but this is the result.

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